Terms & Conditions

Daughter Of Moon abides by some simple yet strict Terms and Conditions that are required to be followed by everyone who associates with the NGO.

  • Daughter Of Moon is run exclusively by women; thus, sponsorship is meant for the females only. Donation amount starts at Rs. 500/- for education.
  • We understand that certain girls are willing to support the cause but unable to become a sponsor. Appreciating their enthusiasm, we, from utmost respect, allow them to contribute. Funds donated by them are used to purchase educational materials for the girls.
  • If a male is interested in sponsoring a daughter, he can gift her to his mother, wife, sister or any other female relative. Owing to this, while the mother/wife/sister/female relative would be connected with the cause, the male individual would become the volunteer.
  • If a male is still interested to become the sponsor himself, his concern is truly respected, which is why he will be allowed to know only the name and class of the daughter sponsored by him. If he wishes to visit the school, a volunteer will accompany. Prior approval from the President is mandatory.
  • Our monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual payment options allow sponsors to opt out anytime they want.