Our Vision

Daughters can do so much with so little, and you can be a part of that!

To reach every daughter who has an urge to receive education and become a support system for her family but is bound by the walls of financial constraints. We want to gift such girls every attribute they need to excel in academics and earn dignified jobs. Being their well-wishers who want them to come out from the misery of poverty, we are on the mission to award every daughter the boon of living an independent & confident life.

inspiration behind the name, daughter of moon

Daughter Of Moon was a dream of Mrs. Bintul Rizvi, a lady who got everything in her childhood but not education. Since she was well-aware about the issues uneducated girls face, she wanted a platform that uplifts female education. As her name means 'Chaand Ki Beti' or 'Daughter Of Moon', our NGO chose her name.

How It Works

Daughter Of Moon encourages headstrong girls to grant the bliss of education in the lives of less-fortunate yet ambitious girls. By becoming sponsors, they can contribute towards sending these little kids to reputed schools.

As a sponsor, you are required to donate an amount of Rs. 500/- per month

This money will help us to send your sponsored girl to a good English Medium school

You will reserve the right to attend the Parent Teacher Meeting of your sponsored daughter

You will receive report card & progress report of your sponsored daughter

You will have an account that will share with you the details of your sponsored girl

Daughter Of Moon is funded by Plaxonic Technologies, an IT Company actively involved in philanthropic pursuits. Employees of the organization dedicatedly support the NGO and are its integral part in spreading awareness towards educating & empowering the girl child.